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Knowing how cold climbing Kilimanjaro was going to be, I knew the more layers I had the better but it couldn't be just any old top that wouldn't retain the heat. I first tested the Haramaki the week before leaving for Tanzania, when I ran a cross country race in the snow and was so impressed by not only how warm it kept me, but by how comfortable I was running in it. When in Tanzania, as we were camping, the nights were extremely cold, especially as we climbed to higher altitude. I slept in the haramaki every night on the eight day trek, and found it helped retain a lot of the heat. For summit day, because it had kept me so warm the haramaki was among the various layers I chose to wear to get me to the top - at its coldest it was colder than -15 and I was very glad to have worn the haramaki as my upper body remained really warm.
Rachel Symonds
Editor, Health Food Business
I have been using Haramakis since Julie first brought them into the country, I have found them to be so useful and effective. They are fantastic at keeping my back and abdomen really warm even in very cold weather, which can preserve heat and protect the joints especially in arthrits. Keeping the the pelvic organs warm can help period pains too. Conserving the bodys heat allows it to function properly. I also use it as a hat,snood and scarf!and boob tube!!
So They're versatile too!!
They come in such vibrant great colours! I'm an osteopath I recommend Haramakis to many of my client many of whom have really appreciated the health benefits!
Another great feature of Haramakis is that you can take them off and pop them in your handbag if you get hot whilst on a night out! No need to carry cardigans and jackets!
They're reasonably priced in fact cheaper than a cardi!!
I highly recommend Haramakis!!
Julia Philpot
BSc (Hons) RGN. BSc (Hons) OST Osteopath
I bought one when you first introduced them into the shop and wouldn't be without it in the winter. It's been a godsend when playing tennis (yes, outside in all weathers), walking and wearing generally when the weather is windy, cold or damp. Didn't think it would make much difference, but it does! Was really good when I returned from the lovely warm climate of Singapore late last year and was feeling the cold here. Reduces back ache too!
Have also given them to members of the family and have recommended them to clients too.
Sandra Wallace
BA (Hons), DHyp, BSCH, CC, T.Dip Clinical Hypnotherapist
The Haramaki is absolutely fantastic for pregnant women, it keeps your tummy supported and warm. It's great for extending "normal" clothes into maternity wear as it can be worn under or on top of clothing. I used to love how it hides bare skin when you sit, stretch or breastfeed. The material is adjustable so, even a year after having the baby, I still wear my Haramaki to keep warm. It's lovely!
Lucie Sanders
Healthy Secret Ltd.

kokoro haramaki MAIDE IN JAPAN

RRP for Adults£ 22.99
RRP for Kids£ 14.99
kokoro haramaki 
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Black White
Blue Purple
  • for women
  • Small:
    UK size 6-10
    Waist size 51-61cm
  • Medium:
    UK size 10-14
    Waist size 61-71cm
  • Large:
    UK size 14-18
    Waist size 71-81cm
  • for men
  • Small:
    Waist size 26"-30" / 68-76 cm
  • Medium:
    Waist size 30"-34" / 76-86 cm
  • Large:
    Waist size 34"-38" / 86-97 cm
  • for kids
  • from 2 years
Care Instructions
  • Wash at 30℃ or less.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Cool Iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • After washing pull into shape before drying.
Care Instructions

Please wash dark colours separately

Material Composition
  • 97% cotton
  • 3% polyurethane